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X-tra Tips for Melting the Fat and Losing the Weight

by on February 18, 2013 >> 1 Comment
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If you can run – run, if you can’t run – walk

Let’s face it, the heavier you are the harder it may be to run or do any form of exercise, but having excess weight makes it even more imperative to do some form of exercise – regularly. Jogging is one of the most surefire ways to lose weight and remain toned and fit. However, for those who cannot run; are uncomfortable running; or unable to run for whatever reasons, walking is definitely the recommended choice. Just 1 mile of brisk walking is worth about 100 calories, and you do not have to walk during midday hours in the summer months. You can choose to walk at whatever time is convenient for you, and walk for as long as you feel comfortable. Start slowly and work at your own pace. Let your breathing be your guide. If a daily 5 minute walk is all you can bear, then so be it. When you become comfortable with that much, you can increase it by another 5 minutes. The point is to walk a little – everyday. You will begin to see and feel the results within days.

If you are prone to chafing, you may want to apply petroleum jelly to your thighs to avoid chafing. Also, if you are extra heavy, consider the support of running shoes rather than walking ones.

During the cold wintery months, utilizing the treadmill will keep you toned and help to shed the pounds. Like jogging, if you cannot run on the treadmill, just walk! Be sure to use one with rails so you can hold on, should the need arise.

Non-Swimmer? Water walk and stay toned

Water walking is an enjoyable way for people who are out of shape, overweight, or new to exercise to shape up as they slim down. It requires no special swimming skills, and like road walking, requires no equipment, and you don’t have to get your hair wet. All you have to do is walk in knee-high to chest-deep water for 20 minutes at least three times per week. You can burn up to 150 calories for each 20 minute session, without sweating or risk of injury. You should not have to look very far to find somewhere to water walk. You can do so at the Y, health clubs, and private pools nationwide.

Exercise regularly and sensibly.

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One Response to X-tra Tips for Melting the Fat and Losing the Weight

  1. Lucille on April 9, 2013 at 4:49 am

    Nice tips, I also enjoy running, i think is wonderful for our body but especially for our mind…
    Lucille recently posted..Clothes and attitude for teenagers girlsMy Profile

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