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A Happy and Prosperous 2013 to You!

by on January 1, 2013 >> 1 Comment
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I have lived to see the beginning of yet another year and I am grateful! So many people did not make it to 2013, and a lot of them lost their lives because of senseless killings. I acknowledge and thank our Master and Creator for taking us through 2012, and look forward to Him watching over, protecting and guiding, providing for and keeping us through this year 2013.

In terms of resolutions, I did not accomplish all that I set out to, but 2012 has been the first year that I was able to accomplish most. 2012 may not have been the greatest year for you but you have been given a new year with the possibility of making it the most awesome year yet. Here are a few tips to help get you moving in the right direction:

Take a little time to reflect on last year’s happenings, but do not waste too much time with regrets about things that are clearly beyond your control now. Instead, focus on what you can do now to move your life in a positive, winning direction. Checkmark the things on your list that you accomplished last year, and work on accomplishing the ones you did not. If there are people who have hurt you in the past, make this the year you forgive them – for you. You can do it!

Put more thought into you. Are you happy with your overall lifestyle now? What areas of your life are you not happy with? You can start the elimination process with the things that makes you most unhappy and work your way down to the things that makes you least unhappy. Whether it’s your job, kids, family or friends, make the change to that part that makes you unhappy. If it means getting rid of your friends, staying away from your family and even your grown child or children that are causing your unhappiness, then this is one tough decision you will have to make for your sake. If it means quitting your job, then that is what you have to do to get to the place where you are happy. Do you want another job? If so, start looking for one. Do you want your own business or both? Start looking for a new job, while you tap into yourself to see what you can do to generate some income. What do you see yourself doing – in terms of making money, that you can do very well or learn to do very well? You never know what you can find once you start evaluating yourself. So, figure out what makes you happy, and start doing those things. Everyone deserves to be happy, and the fact is, each of us is responsible for our own happiness. Sometimes we just have to make the hard decisions!

Make your health your priority. If you were one to constantly put off your medical and dental appointments in order to take care of everyone else, make that change now to do things differently. Of course you should look after everyone who is your responsibility but if you are not getting the health care you need, you may not even be there to take care of anyone pretty soon. Do not overlook your health! This is the year to do number 2) Put more thought into you.

Take stock of your finances. If you were one to operate without a budget, start a functioning budget today. Every penny adds up! When you get it down on paper, you will be better able to track where, what goes. You will also be able to cut some unnecessary spending, and possibly put away a little more savings.

Take risks and do some things that you have never done before that could possibly improve your lifestyle. Like purchasing a few stocks! The stock market is very much unpredictable, but that unpredictability can work either way. You never know the turnaround a few years or even months with a few stocks under your belt can bring if you only take a chance.

Know the difference between your limitations and your possibilities; accept your limitations and encourage your possibilities.

Get your relationships in order. Weed out those people who have made you their option, while you have made them your priority. Move closer to those people who have clearly made you their priority. Relationships should be reciprocal.

Resolutions or no resolutions, I wish you a productive 2013, filled with lots of love, happiness, and prosperity. Cheers!

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One Response to A Happy and Prosperous 2013 to You!

  1. Eddy Miskell on April 24, 2013 at 5:10 am

    2013 year as for now is still very prosperous so I’m very happy with it :)
    Eddy Miskell recently posted..fotograf ślubny poznańMy Profile

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