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How To Quit Smoking For Good

by on September 6, 2011 >> 4 Comments
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In most cases smoking is such a strong habit that more than simple determination is needed to break it. The decision to quit smoking should be reinforced by a line of thinking which emphasizes the greater advantages of quitting as compared with the temporary satisfactions of smoking. By positive thinking a smoker can picture himself as one undertaking a new, rewarding adventure rather than as one being deprived of some pleasure or advantage.

The first thing to do when you plan to quit is to set a date (not too far in the future) when your new program is to begin. Choose a time when there will be a minimum of work and nervous tension. Once this beginning date is selected, begin the countdown by saying “Eight more days” (or whatever the number of days) “and I will be free from this noxious habit.”

Announce the deadline to family members and friends and brag about your determination to quit.

Then practice your line of reasoning. This will reinforce your determination when the urge to smoke becomes strong, later. Think such situations through and plan how you will avoid the temptation to smoke.

Arrange to keep busy at mealtime avoiding any occasion to whip out a cigarette. Plan to carry chewing gum or candy to keep your hands and lips busy with something other than smoking. Do not taper off; plan to stop once and for all.

When your quitting date arrives, arrange a little ceremony. Invite your friends to watch as you throw away your remaining cigarettes.

From then on, focus your attention on your progress. Congratulate yourself at the end of the first hour, not that victory has been won, but that you are on your way. It may not be as hard to abstain from smoking for the first few hours; however, the time will come when the craving for a smoke will threaten to overpower you. Perhaps some little irritation will stir it up, but this is when you need to refer to your line of reasoning. There is also the danger of being caught off guard when a friend offers you a cigarette or taunts you for being a quitter. At this time you need to stand off and watch yourself in operation, just as a parent would observe an unruly child. Be strong! Show you are in control.

The urge will be strong, but you need not let it control you. Persist one second at a time and wait for the urge to weaken. Count the seconds, you can say to yourself “Every second I hold out brings me closer to the moment when the urge will weaken.” At the end of a minute the urge may still be strong, but you are the master of the situation. Tell yourself that! Try a second minute and a third until you notice the urge is weakening and you are controlling the desire. The craving for a smoke will keep recurring, but hold out against it – each success will weaken it. You will sense personal pride in proving that you are in command of your conduct. The first week is the hardest; after you have held out this long, you can begin to tell yourself that it would be foolish to back up now. The craving will never overcome you if you remain on guard. Keep congratulating yourself on your success, and keep recounting the advantages of your freedom from smoking.

Within the first two or three weeks after quitting, you will notice that you can think more clearly, coughs less, sleeps better, and derives more pleasure from the taste of food and the fragrance of flowers. It’s all in the desire, planning, and execution. Be proud to be a quitter – smoke quitter that is. More power to you!

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4 Responses to How To Quit Smoking For Good

  1. Katherine on October 9, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    Announcing ones intention to quit cigarette smoking to family and close friends seem like a very good idea, especially the ones who are held in high regards. This will somewhat place an amount of accountability and a strong desire to follow through so as not to let them down.

    It does take a certain amount of determination, and conviction to actually avoid each urge and continue to the finish line. However, it is possible, and will be a sweet victory for all who persevere.

    • Marie on October 12, 2011 at 11:22 pm

      Indeed Katherine! Because of the mixture of chemicals that helps cigarette companies achieve their goal by making smokers addicted, it is very hard to break the addiction. However, it is totally possible, as it has been done before by many.

      I really do believe that announcing it to people the smoker look up to, will place a sense of duty on him/her.

      As always, thanks for contributing!
      Marie recently posted..10 Things To Do To Ensure You Exercise RegularlyMy Profile

  2. Sunny @ electronic cigarette on March 16, 2012 at 3:26 am

    To stop from smoking is very good for health. One more point that I would like to highlight here which is second hand smoking. Second hand smoking is also called passive smoking which is very – very bad for everyone’s health. So, we should avoid smoking for good.

    • Marie on March 16, 2012 at 9:57 pm

      Absolutely Sunny! Any cigarette smoking is bad for our health! Non-smokers seems to be the most lung cancer sufferers/victims nowadays. This has to stop! Many people have quit smoking so it is possible. I was told by a young lady at a seminar yesterday that the Nicotine patch helped her to quit. She had been addicted for eight years and struggled for a long time to quit.

      Quitting cigarette smoking takes a lot of will-power too. If a smoker wants to quit real badly, he/she will find a way. This young lady is proof :)
      Marie recently posted..How to Count Calories: The Easy WayMy Profile

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