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How Important Is Outward Beauty?

by on July 21, 2011 >> 3 Comments
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Is outward beauty overrated?  Does it undermine inward beauty?

According to the ancient Chinese thinker and social philosopher – Confucius, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

Beauty is in everything, but not everyone sees it holds true.  Who or what is beautiful to me will not always be beautiful to everyone else and vice versa.  Take Jennifer Garner for example, I believe she has a very beautiful appearance while my best friend thinks she does not, which proves that: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.  Most often than not, we do not allow ourselves to get to know someone we deem ugly or unattractive in order to gain access to the beauty that is possibly within them.   Very few people will take the time to look past the cover of an unappealing book to get to the treasure that may be engrafted in it.

Men and women are at opposing ends when it comes to features that make one beautiful.  Let’s take a look at what most men define as beautiful on a woman; youth, clear skin, feminine facial features, a symmetrical face and body, and an hour glass figure.  These preferences go beyond borders, cultures, and generations, which means they are universal standards of beauty.  When a man sees a woman with these attributes, he automatically associates her with health, fertility, and the perfect woman to pass on his genes.  Without a thought about her inner qualities, he has already given this woman a green light in his head.  Men have long married women who are outwardly beautiful and inwardly horrible for the sake of having an envied woman on his arm.

With women, outward appearance of a man matters only somewhat.  A vast majority of women prefer men who are taller than they are, with symmetrical features.   Unlike men, however, women across cultures are intent on finding male partners with high status, power, and access to resources.  This means that her view of beautiful or attractive is not conducive to the way he looks outwardly.  Women are more opt to want to get to know an unattractive man stepping out of a bugatti veyron than most men would be seeing an unattractive woman getting out of one.  Her whole vision becomes distorted by the wealth of power she envisions.

People who are ‘universally viewed as beautiful’ are more inclined to gain access to favors or resources.  One such person is Anna Kournikova.  When Anna Kournikova scheduled appearance at her games causes tickets to be sold out within seconds, it is not her tennis talent that makes her fans want to cancel every other arrangement just so they could go see her, as she is not ranked anywhere near the top twenty tennis players.  Her multi-million endorsements are not awarded because of her skill, intelligence, or character.  Her fame and admiration has less to do with her accomplishments and more to do with her looks – sex appeal, attitude, and caper.

Solely based on appearance, which of these two people is more beautiful to you?

Jennifer Garner                          Anna Kournikova


I do not believe we can avoid being drawn to beautiful people or things; whatever is pleasing to the eyes is what will dominate and get our full attention.  So, is outward beauty overrated?  It may be, but we are all wired to gravitate towards what we deem as beautiful.

Let’s face it!  The outward appearance is the first thing we see when we look at another person, and within seconds, they are usually summed up and placed in a particular category.  If that person is viewed as comely, attractive, or beautiful, he or she will automatically be looked at in the positive and be able to gain favor from us – if needed.

People have always, and will continue to judge others based on their outward appearances.  However, after reading this article I implore you to take the time to get a view of the inside cover of the book instead of basing your judgment solely from the outside.  You may be surprised at what you could have missed out on!

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3 Responses to How Important Is Outward Beauty?

  1. Katherine on July 22, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    I truly believe that there is beauty in everything and everyone. The unfortunate thing is that many people do not take the time to see it. Also, as you have stated, what I define as beautiful may not be beautiful to someone else and vice versa.

    As far as the ladies, they are both really beautiful. I will have to pass on making a choice on this one. Great article!

    • Marie on July 23, 2011 at 9:26 am

      Indeed, no two people see everything the same, but that does not mean that beauty is not in everything.

      Thank you for contributing!

  2. Shirley on June 18, 2015 at 10:03 am

    Well, the inner beauty is way more important but the outer have to be pleasing to the eye too or else no one will get close enough in order to experience the inward. Just my take!

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